My work explores nature and the elements. I am interested in exploring the spaces and boundaries found within the landscape. Particularly, to highlight the difference between these spaces and how one alters the other.
My work takes a form of automatic response to the elements. I have created a few pieces that I call ‘collaborations’ as they are made as a collaboration with the environment. For example putting the canvas in the sea.
I am also interested in what is found within the landscape especially what is unnatural within it.
I continue to discover the landscape and coastline of the UK with a conscious mind for the environment.

Heidi Baines grew up in Newport, South Wales. She currently lives in London, studying BA Fine Art at the the Sir John Cass school of Art and Design (London Metropolitan University)


Art On The Hill – Newport
Capricorn & Cancer – 94B Dalston, London
‘Open Water’ – Oriel Gallery, Croesor (Rescheduled)

‘Christmas Cracker’ – The Cass, London
Easter Exhibition – The Cass, London
‘The Golden Ration’ – St. Giles in the Fields, London

‘Christmas Cracker’ – The Cass, London

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